Empowering the World's Digital Creators

At STart Crypto, our mission is to enable a vibrant and sustainable future for digital creativity, and it starts by empowering the world's digital creators. We provide creators with the ability to protect and sell authentic and unique editions of their digital creations. We connect creators with fans and collectors worldwide through our marketplace and network of partners.

Our team is founded by a passionate group of veteran technologists and creators who've seen first hand the inequality in the immense value created by digital creators, and what they actually make. Our goal is to change that.

Our Values

We're Mission Obsessed

We're maniacally focused on empowering the world's digital creators, and enabling a vibrant future for digital creativity.

We're Owners

We're all impassioned owners of achieving this bold and ambitious mission.

We're Makers

Makers push boundaries and make what may seem like the impossible, possible. We're a team of makers enabling the future for makers.

Our Founding Team

Dannie Chu

Dannie is CEO of STart Crypto. Prior to STart Crypto, Dannie was an early leader at Pinterest where he ran Pinterest's growth engineering organization, growing Pinterest globally to over 200M users. Before that, he was the founder of Foodoro, a YCombinator-backed marketplace for artisan foods.

Yash Nelapati

Yash is CTO of STart Crypto. Prior to STart Crypto, Yash was the first employee and engineer at Pinterest where he built the first version of Pinterest and scaled the infrastructure that enabled Pinterest for hundreds of millions of users.

Ryoma Ito

Ryoma is Head of Marketing at STart Crypto. Prior to STart Crypto, Ryoma was VP of Product at a number of venture-backed e-commerce startups, including Mertado and SpecialDeals. He most recently founded a profitable e-commerce business, Varinode servicing thousands of small businesses.

Join Us!

Are you passionate about empowering a generation of digital creatives? Join our world class team of former founders and product, engineering and growth leaders from Pinterest and YCombinator.